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Zad Company is interested in providing high quality products and services according to standard specifications, as we are keen to supply the best raw materials that are subject to quality standards to ensure their safety.

Zad company services

Building and Construction

Our services include a very wide range of construction services in general, we provide engineering and executive services for all construction contracting works

Repair and maintenance

We carry out maintenance, restoration and renovation in all its forms for all buildings in the private and government sectors according to the standards applied locally and internationally.

Demolition work

Zad performs all demolition, destruction and waste removal works in cooperation with major engineering offices and under the direct supervision of a specialized engineering staff.

Infrastructure rehabilitation

Whether for schools - camps - public buildings - homes and residential units - the private sector. At reasonable costs and competitive quality.

General commerce

At Zad, we supply raw materials and all materials that our customers require from the Turkish market, including building materials, health and food materials.

Zad, the symbol of trust

Zad Company has a leading role in the construction and project management sector, as it has contributed to the implementation of many engineering projects with the latest technologies through a range of engineering and craftsmanship skills to provide innovative solutions according to the functional and aesthetic system of design and architecture in the private and government sectors.

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